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RRPSC is a trusted advisor to public safety agencies specializing in innovative approaches for improving response times, increasing safety, and enhancing de-escalation strategies.

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R&R Public Safety Consulting Inc

R&R Public Safety Consulting Inc. is an independent consulting and training firm with expertise in the development and implementation of our client’s vision for their future. Our professionals provide guidance and strategy in innovative technologies, specializing in increased efficiency for police operations.

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RRPSC is comprised of public safety professionals with decades of experience, providing consulting, training, and support to agencies and their employees.


With Live911 innovative technology, First Responders can monitor incoming 911 calls in real-time. First Responders see the precise caller location on a map within a set geo-fence and receive immediate situational information and updates. Live911 enhances response capabilities, provides quicker response times, and allows for more information for increased de-escalation skills during dangerous situations.


Capture911 is a cost-effective, secure multi-channel call/interaction recording and incident reconstruction solution designed specifically for mission-critical public safety communications. Capture911 integrates data from multiple sources into a single synchronized and holistic view. Built with reliable, high-quality digital recording and intelligent architecture, Capture911 is a customizable solution meeting customers' needs in any size dispatch center. It is built with Advanced API and event triggers to prevent that archiving of sensitive data, and enables adherence to strict security standards.

Improved Response Times

Improved Response Times: When seconds count, agency response times can be the difference between life and death. RRPSC is committed to analyzing current response times providing invaluable cost-effective solutions for improved arrival times for your agency. ** Ultimately we will probably expand into UAS system deployment but not for a few years.
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